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Page 214 The Cyclade Islands were Formerly desolate and uninhabited: But Minos the Son of Jupiter and Europa, King of Crete, having a strong Army at Land, and with a powerful Navy, Master at Sea, sent many Colonies out of Crete, and Peopled many of the Islands of the Cyclades, and divided the Lands to the People by Lot, and subdu'd a great part of the Sea-Coasts of Asia; and therefore the Sea-Ports and Havens of Asia, and of the Islands, have the same Names with those in Crete, and are call'd Minoi. Minos being now grown great and powerful, began to envy his Brother Rhadamanthus his Copartner in the Kingdom, for the honour and reputation he had gain'd by his Justice. Willing therefore to remove him as far from him as possibly he could, he sent him into the furthest parts of his Dominions. Whereupon Rhadamanthus abiding in the Islands over against Ionia and Caria, caus'd Erythrus to build a City in Asia after his own Name, and made Oenopion, the Son of Ariadna the Daughter of Minos, Lord of Chius.

These things were all done before the Trojan War: But after the destruction of Troy, the Cares grown rich and wealthy, gain'd the Dominion at Sea, and subdu'd the Cyclades, some of which they took into their own hands, and rooted out the Cretians; others they injoy'd in Common with the ancient Cretian Inhabitants. But in process of time the Grecians growing strong and powerful, the barbarous Carians were ejected out of most of the Cyclades, and the Islands fell into the hands of the Greeks. Of which we shall give a more particular Account hereafter in proper Time and Place.

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