Diodorus Siculus

BOOK XI - The Library of History

Page 215

THE Historical Library OF Diodorus the Sicilian. BOOK XI.


THE Book next before this, being the Tenth in the whole Composure of our History, ends with things done in the Tear immediately before the Descent of Xerxes into Europe, and with those Debates in the General Assemblies of the Grecians at Corinth, concerning the admission of Gelo into the Grecian Confederacy.

In this to proceed (as things were done) in a continued Series of the History, we shall begin with Xerxes's Expedition into Greece, and end the Year immediately before the Army of the Athenians, under Cymon their General, invaded Cyprus.


Of Xerxes his Expedition into Greece, and the Battel of Thermopyle, and the Sea Fight at Salamis.

CAllias being Archon or chief Magistrate of Athens, Spurius Cassius, and Proclus Virginius Tricostus, Consuls at Rome, in the Seventy Fifth Olympiad, celebrated at Elis, (in which Asylus the Syracusian was Victor) Xerxes (for the reason after mention'd) rais'd an Army against the Grecians.Mardonius the Persian was Cousin German, and by Marriage likewise nearly related to Xerxes, of great esteem among the Persians for his Valour and Prudence. This Man prompted forward by the greatness of his Spirit, and the heat of his Youth, burned with Ambition, to be General of so great an Army as that Expedition requir'd; and therefore persuaded Xerxes that he would bend all his power to subdue the Grecians, those implacable Enemies of the Persians.

Being brought over to close with this Advice, he determin'd utterly to destroy and root them up: And to that end sent Embassadors to Carthage, to treat with them concerning the joining of their Forces together: Whereupon it was thus

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The Histories of Herodotus written in 440 BC is considered to be the founding work of history in Western literature. His history included stories and fables but he claimed to have traveled extensively and learned about many countries through direct observation.

The thesis of Stolen Legacy is that the Egyptians created what is wrongly called Greek philosophy. Dr. James argues that the African origin of Greek Philosophy is well known but rarely discussed. Ancient Greek historians such as Herodotus and Diodorus the Sicilian wrote in significant detail about the contributions of Egypt. Egyptian technology and libraries were unmatched and Greek philosophers such as Pythagoras and Plato studied there. The contribution of Africa to the intellectual foundation of modern knowledge is tremendous but unacknowledged.

The Library of History by Diodorus the Sicilian is one of the most highly regarded universal histories in antiquities. His work includes the history of Egypt, Asia, Africa, Greece and Europe. His book is a must read for research of ancient history.

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